Police give motorists Christmas gifts instead of tickets

MIAMI (WSVN) — Miami Police celebrated Christmas early when they gave motorists tickets Christmas gifts instead of tickets.

"We do enforce the law, but we’re human, and we like to give back to the community," said Miami Police Officer Frederica Burden.

In one of their displays of generosity, Burden pulled over driver Lynda Ward Stewart for a broken taillight. Burden then presented Stewart with a pamphlet with $50 inside.

Miami Police raised the money themselves in order to fund their giveaway.

Stewart was grateful for the gesture and said that she plans on telling her colleagues. "I am going to my senior citizen Christmas party," she said. "When I tell them about my ‘citation’ that I got, they’re gonna be surprised."

Police said that it feels good to help the community in an unconventional way. "A lot of times when you try to help people in the community, they may not be as receptive to officers helping them but, you know, she was very, very appreciative, and it felt really good," said Miami Police Sgt. Weslyne Lewis.

One woman said she was deeply in need of the money to go Christmas shopping for her three children. "Now I have $50 because I was not able to go buy anything," she said.

However, their generosity did not stop there. When Burden realized the situation the woman was in, she gave her even more money. "Thank you, thank you," the woman said in tears. "I believe in miracles. I believe in God."