WSVN — Amy Frank is a busy mom. After a full day caring for her two kids, taking care of her new home and catering to her dogs, there isn’t much time left to shop around for deals.

Amy Frank: “I don’t have to go and skim the racks for sale items.”

That’s where the Poach It website comes to the rescue. Just sign up and start shopping. The deals practically come to you.

Amy Frank: “I go online, I pick out my product, and all I have to do is click ‘poachit’ on the bookmark bar and then the product comes up and it says tracking.”

With only her husband’s income, saving money is important to her and her family.

Poach It gives you two options to save. You can track an item and get an email when it goes on sale. If the item is already on sale, use the coupon code.

Amy Frank: “Shoes, bags, diapers, toys. Everything and anything; anything that I need except for food.”

One favorite of Amy’s is finding clothes for her fast growing kids.

Amy Frank: “I did a poachit for Carter’s pajamas and when they went on sale, I think originally they were $16 per pajama and I think I got, on average, them for about $5.60.”

And it’s free to create a profile and follow the deals.

Amy Frank: “Whether it be something like diapers or wipes, we don’t want to pay full price for that because you don’t have to ever. When we save money there, we have money to spend elsewhere.”

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