Playing For Keeps

Gerard Butler is "Playing For Keeps" in his new romantic comedy. And personally, I don't think he can handle another woman I mean he already co-stars with Jessica Beil, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman. I gotta admit, that guy is good. He knows how to keep those balls in the air.

Balls, babes, broadcasting, a boy and a bare chest.

Shireen: "You were half-naked in this movie."

Gerard Butler: "In this movie?"

Shireen: "Yeah, I think it was this movie that I saw, yeah"

Gerard Butler: I'm naked in most movies."

Shireen: "i'm not complaining by the way"

Gerard Butler stars in "Playing For Keeps": As a former famous – down on his luck soccer player, turned aspiring sports broadcaster, trying to win back his family after going wayward with his womanizing.

To play a former athlete Gerad had to get in shape, which meant:

Gerard Butler: "Watching what you eat. I hate that, and having to go to the gym, a lot.. even when you're filming. when you're filming you work long hours, l2 to 14 hours a day then after that, but you always feel better when you do it. you feel a lil bit."

Shireen: "Like, I look good."

Gerard Butler: "I look good"

He also had to brush-up on his soccer skills.

Shireen: "What was your soccer prowess before and after the film?"

Gerard Butler: "When I was younger I was a good player, not in latino standards, but in scotland standards."

Gerard Butler: "For this I started playing again, and worked on close skills, because that's what was going to sell it."

That means fancy foot work. "Playing For Keeps" features Gerard doing what he does best being his charming, handsome self .

He's even smart!

Shireen: "What is a banana kick, in soccer?"

Gerard Butler: "Oh Jesus, a banana kick?"

Shireen: "Think of how it's shaped."

Gerard Butler: "Oh a banana kick? I thought you said cake!"

Shireen: "Who doesn't wanna do a banana kick."

Gerard Butler: "Who doesn't wanna do a banana kick?"

Shireen: "I love doing banana kicks in the morning."

I think I just pulled my hamstring in the meantime, don't be a benchwarm'r. Grab a date and do what payle would do, kick back and enjoy. "Playing For Keeps" opens today. Also, last night we heard from Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren about their roles in "Hitchcock". Don't miss my interviews next week, with the rest of the Hitchcock cast.