WSVN — Sometimes your hurricane preps can’t protect your car or your home from storm damage. That’s why having proper insurance is so important. 7’s Christine Cruz has you covered when planning for protection.

For most of us, our home is our most valuable asset. That’s why insurance is so important.

Whether you own or rent a home or condo, you need windstorm coverage. It covers any damage done to your home by wind or flying debris, but if you have to make a claim, it comes at a high price.

Phil Zelman of NCF Insurance Associates: “Your windstorm deductible is typically based on a percentage of the value of your house. It could be two percent, it could be five percent.”

And that can mean paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. Another important policy is to have flood insurance. It covers any damage done by storm surge or flooding.

Phil Zelman: “Just because you’re not in a flood zone, does not mean your property does not have or could not be flooded.”

Condo owners also have to protect their property from a storm.

Phil Zelman: “There are policies specifically designed for condominium unit owners that cover the interior of your unit.”

Your association pays the insurance for the building and the pool, but you have to insure everything inside your unit.

Phil Zelman: “Kitchens, bathrooms, any buildings flooring, any decorative moldings.”

The same is true for renters. You are responsible for insuring your belongings, and whether you are a renter or an owner, choosing the right coverage is critical. Experts say you should choose replacement coverage.

Phil Zelman: “That would pay to replace your contents.”

Other types of coverage give you only pennies for what you own. Replacement coverage costs more, but if you lose everything you’ll be glad you have it.

Phil Zelman: “You have your clothing, everything in your kitchen. You have your linen closets. It’s more than thinking about furniture and electronics.”

Finally, don’t forget about your car. You’ll need a comprehensive insurance policy that will cover any damage during a storm. If you are not sure what kind of coverage you have, now is the time to call your agent.


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