And they’re off the most daring planes are racing around the world and the main plane is a guy named “Dane”.

DANE COOK: “Dusty is a crop duster. He is from pop wash junction, its like a small town. He’s like a small town plane. He’s got his gang of friends. He’s got chug who hangs out with him at the airfield. He’s got lead bottom hes got Dottie who is kind of like his cohort.”

Dusty’s got a fear of heights — but also some big dreams.

DANE COOK: “Dusty is not content in this small town. He wants to enter the wings around the globe rally. He wants to see what he has inside of himself. Where can he take this potential.”

With the help of his friends in the air and on the ground dusty sets off around the globe.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Rochelle, a sexy french Canadian plane who deserves props.

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS: “She is one of the many friends of dusty who helps support him and helps him to be ultimately triumph — not to give too much away. and face his fears and get it done.”

Teri Hatcher voices Dottie, a forklift mechanic who keeps Dusty tuned up and adds a dose of girl power.

TERI HATCHER: “I love that she is the female mechanic I picture little girls leaving the movie, and taking their plastic screw drivers and pretending to make engines.”

Movie fans — you are cleared for takeoff.

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