Pictures could reveal more details about two teens lost at sea

JUPITER, Fla. (WSVN) — New pictures could provide some disturbing information in the case of two teens who were lost sea. 

Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, two teenage friends, disappeared at sea in July. Eight months later, their 19-foot boat was found by the crew of a Norwegian supply ship in a shipping lane off Bermuda.

Now, after investigators spent time examining the boat, new evidence revealed that the teens’ boat was disabled before capsizing.

The attorney for Cohen’s family said the battery switch, which is hard to reach, was turned off. He said that the switch can’t be maneuvered by the passage of time or the current, and the key in the ignition was also in the off position.

This information has left family members asking questions and wondering if foul play was involved. They also wonder if there was possibly someone else on board the boat at the time the two teens disappeared.

However, relatives are still hoping Stephanos’ iPhone, which was found on board the boat, can provide crucial information about what happened at sea.

The boat is being transported back to South Florida on a container ship and is expected to be back in the U.S. by May 16.