WSVN — Dog lovers listen up, make your best friend a star with Cover Puppy. Just take a picture of your pooch or use one you already have stored in your camera, put in Fido's name and choose a magazine cover, and look, you've got the cover to news.

You can even show off your celebrity cover puppy on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail not such a "ruff" life, after all.

If you like big pics, Photosynth is the way to go. The app allows you to shoot full 360 panorama shots or see your masterpiece in just a few seconds. The newsplex never looked so good.

And if you really want to see amazing pictures, get the NASA App. You can watch live NASA tv get the latest mission updates, even launch information and stargazers.

The app also tells you when to watch the night skys for the shuttle and international space station.

So while you might never go to space, at least now you can be an app-stronaut.

Craig stevens: "The Photosynth and NASA App are free. Cover Puppy costs $1.99 and the portion of the proceeds going to the A.S.P.C.A. to fight animal cruelty."


Cover Puppy*iPhone


Nasa App*iPhone

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