WSVN — Turn your pictures into works of art with our first app. "My Sketch" turns your photos into must-have masterpieces.

Take a picture in the app or import one from your photo library. 20 different types of sketches turn your pics into pieces of art. You'll want to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, My Sketch is one of the top ten apps in more than 15 counties.

From art to literature, "iBooks" allows you to download and read all of your favorite books. Browse the i-bookstore where you can best sellers classics or whatever you like.

Create a collection and display on your own bookshelf. You can pick your own font size and type face. The i-Book app is free and so are some of the books.

If you're more interested in staying up with the latest news, "Pulse" is the answer. It's one of only 50 apps in the app store hall of fame. From Time to ESPN, all of your favorite news websites are in one place with Pulse.

Pick the articles that interest you, tap to read or save stories for later. You can even share with friends and the best news Pulse is free.





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