Pet Trends

WSVN — Got a mischievous pup you hate leaving home alone all day or while you're on vacation? There's a new service called Leash Miami that'll keep your dog active while you're away. Owner Jennifer Mohr is the leader of this pack.

Stasia Rudolph: "She's a dog lover, and that's what you really want when you're leaving your dog in the hands of somebody when you can't be around."

Leash Miami offers dog walking, group or private play dates, even boot camp for the athletic dogs.

Jennifer Mohr, Leash Miami, owner: "So, if it's a high energy dog, we do a power walk or a run, or if it's a lab that likes to swim, we spend an hour at the water, so he can do his laps."

Like Riley, who gets to spend his days with Jennifer running and tearing into his favorite treats, coconuts.

Rogier Van Kampen: "She lets them run, and this guy, he likes to swim as well, so he goes into the ocean."

The best part, they're worn out and happy when you get home.

Rogier Van Kampen: "He's such a young puppy that he tears up your home if you don't pay attention, so that's good that he's being walked or run with Jennifer, that he releases his energy."

Stasia: "I can tell that they're really happy because when I come home they're not agitated. They're in good shape."

After all that exercise pets can chill in these new Sasquatch beds.

Barbara Peribanez: "It's fun, trendy. It's cute."

Yep, the latest trend in pet beds looks just like a big Croc shoe!

Susan Soltero, Sasquatch Pet Beds: "Because it looks like a shoe, they can burrow in the shoe, and they love it."

The shoes come in several different colors and prints and are safe for those dogs who love to chew.

Susan Soltero: "It is a non-toxic material, so it will not harm the animal at all if they chew on it."

The beds are designed to keep them cool in the summer. Dogs and cats seem to love them.

Barbara Peribanez: "She loves her shoe because she loves shoes period."

And just maybe it'll keep the dog from chewing up your shoes.

President Obama has been sent one of the Sasquatch beds for the first family's new dog. The beds run about $100.


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