WSVN — There’s nothing like embarking on that weekend road trip with the family, just like in the classic National Lampoon’s Family Vacation but you don’t want to forget the family pet.

General Motors Spokesperson Stephanie: “So, Jon I know today you’re getting ready for your summer road trip as a lot of families are.”

Jonathan Lozano is about to hit the road with 2-year-old Isabella and French Bulldog Venice.

Jonathan Lozano: “Disney World, Magic Kingdom for the fourth time in a year.”

Jon knows how important it is to properly secure his daughter in her car seat but how do you keep your dog safe on the ride?

General Motors Spokesperson Stephanie: “As you’re packing for your family you want to make sure you’re packing for Venice as well.”

First, make sure you have plenty of water, treats and any medications.

General Motors Spokesperson Stephanie: “You want to make sure your dog is restrained at all times.”

Letting your dog roam about the vehicle is dangerous. Stephanie says your best bet is a crate.

General Motors Spokesperson Stephanie: “This is a medium sized crate; this is perfect for Venice’s size. She will feel very comfortable in here.”

Also, make sure the crate is secured to the vehicle.

General Motors Spokesperson Stephanie: “So, it’s tied down here, we also tied it down in the back in case there’s any sudden movements.”

If you don’t own a truck or sport utility vehicle such as a GMC Acadia or if you have a smaller dog, you could use a booster seat or harness in the backseat.

General Motors Spokesperson Stephanie: “She has a harness that’s actually strapped into the seatbelt through her harness.”

A seat barrier is also a good idea.

General Motors Spokesperson Stephanie: “Now, these are very important as well, because a lot of times dogs will be tempted to move to the front with you.”

The most important piece of advice is do not leave your pet alone in the car.

General Motors Spokesperson Stephanie: “Pets should never be left inside your vehicle, because they can get really, really hot, right Venice? She’s already got her tongue out, poor thing.”

Keep pets hydrated and have an emergency list of numbers on hand, including poison control.

Jon admits he never considered a crate for Venice.

Jonathan Lozano: “I’ve probably seen it once in the past but I never really paid attention now I’m like, ‘I need to get one of those.'”

So after packing up and safely securing Isabella and Venice let the fun begin.

You can find all kinds of specialty products for traveling with your pet and your vet or local pet store.

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