WSVN — Families are already gearing up for back to school. In addition to supplies and getting vaccinations up to date, now is the time to have your child’s vision checked because they might need glasses. 7’s Alexis Rivera shows us how they can pick the perfect pair.

Milly Harris is getting her eyesight checked. The six-year-old started to have blurry vision but her mom didn’t even know.

Ginger Harris: “Milly started complaining about not being able to see things and I thought maybe she just wants glasses because another girl had them and they were very cute.”

Turns out Milly needed glasses.

Ginger Harris: “The first line with the giant letters she couldn’t see them and I had no idea.”

Dr. Roberto Warman at Miami Children’s Hospital says now is the time to have your child’s vision checked.

Dr. Roberto Warman: “It’s important for visual development but it’s also important for scholastic development.”

He says a thorough eye exam is critical for kids in order to catch problems like lazy eye at an early age, but more often, they just need glasses and their parents aren’t aware.

Dr. Roberto Warman: “The most common problem is the kid that just can not see well far away, the nearsighted patient.”

And that can cause a major issue in the classroom.

Dr. Roberto Warman: “They probably are getting behind in school just from a simple thing as glasses.”

So Milly’s mom took her to Optiwow, which specializes in children’s eye wear. Opticians who cater just to kids help them pick the perfect pair.

For families that can’t get to the store, Optiwow offers the same service on-line.

Ivonne Goldstein: “We have classified all the age groups and genders.”

The coolest feature is the virtual try-on.

Ivonne Goldstein: “This gives you an idea of how your child will look with their eyeglasses.”

Then parents just fill out the prescription and the new glasses are sent right to their home.

Milly chose some pretty pink frames.

She enjoyed the experience and her mom knows she will take care of her new glasses.

Milly Harris: “This is my case and it’s a special one because it’s a purse.”

Most importantly, Dr. Warman says when it comes to their vision, parents should really look at their child.

Dr. Roberto Warman: “If something doesn’t look right, if you have a hunch that they really have a vision problem, talk to the pediatrician about it.”

Optiwow is located right inside Miami Children’s Hospital.

In the plex, Alexis Rivera, 7News.

For More Information:

Dr. Roberto Warman
3200 SW 60th Court, #103
Miami, FL 33135
Tel: (305) 662-8390


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