Percussion Program

WSVN — From rapping, to tapping, to rocking out– the South Florida Center For Percussive Arts is all about the drums.

Brandon Cruz loves the drums and started the non-profit organization where kids could follow his passion.

Brandon Cruz: “It’s basically meant to be a community resource for everything related to drums and percussion.”

The program offers one-on-one and group sessions. The organization also teamed up with Florida International University to start their own marching program.

Brandon Cruz: “We were able to take kids from age 14 to 22 and have them incorporated in our velocity indoor percussion program.”

Seventeen-year-old Alejandro Tanquero joined the percussion group in the school marching band, and he says drums are a dream to play.

Alejandro Tanquero: “Most instruments you have stay there, but with this one you can actually move and have fun with it.”

Tanquero’s mom said ever since he’s started performing, she has seen his confidence build.

Jeanne Zayas: “He’s a leader, he takes charge, especially in his marching band group.”

Brandon Cruz said playing drums isn’t just about beating, it teaches important life skills, such as responsibility and work ethic. Playing percussion is also like playing any other sport, it requires concentration, coordination and lots of practice.

Brandon Cruz: “While playing an instrument, they are moving. There’s choreography; it has to be all synchronized.”

Brandon Cruz’s introduced his 8-year-old son to playing the drums.

Sam Cruz: “It’s one of those things, where you get addicted to it after you finally realize its purpose.”

These kids agree that the purpose of percussion is to make friends and have fun.

Isabelle Rodriguez: “It’s nice, especially when you’re having a hard week or hard day and you go and sit down, you play it out and you always feel a lot better.”

Brandon Cruz plans to offer jazz, rock and classical performing groups for students to join.


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