WSVN — She was a troubled young mother who lived a dangerous lifestyle and early one morning she paid the price in North Miami Beach. As Patrick Fraser tells us on tonight’s Out for Justice, 26 years later Patricia Williams’ children want to know who killed their mother. Detectives are reopening a cold case and asking for your help.

Seangrie Williams likes to remember the good times with her mom who was once a model.

Seangrie Williams: “We used to try on her wigs, we used to try on her dresses. We used to do everything.”

But 31-year-old Patricia Williams had two problems; a terrible addiction to drugs and the people who supplied her with the drugs.

Seangrie Williams: “She would get beat up real bad. We’ll patch her up and she’ll be gone two or three months again.”

And on July 9, 1988, her mother was out on the street again. North Miami Beach police got a call about a woman face down on 159th Street, miles from Patricia’s home.

Detective Tracy Webster: “And she appeared to be struck by a vehicle. When uniformed officers arrived they discovered her deceased.”

At first it appeared to be foul play. Someone killed her and dumped her there because of how Patricia was dressed.

Detective Tracy Webster: “It was just very strange. The items that she was wearing, the red robe, walking down the road with this suitcase.”

This is the red Negligee. You can see the tire tracks that ran across Patricia and in that suitcase…

Detective Tracy Webster: “Feminine personal hygiene products. Just things that seem kind of strange. Just not a lot of clothing.”

The lab results showed Patricia had drugs and alcohol in her system. 26 years later, Det. Webster believes Patricia was not murdered and dumped here, just a troubled woman on the street at 5:46 in the morning going who knows where.

Detective Tracy Webster: “I believe she was struck there and died as a result of the blunt trauma to the head.”

Seangrie was about to turn 14 and was at an aunts house, like her sisters and brothers, waiting to return to see their mother.

Seangrie Williams: “The last time I’d seen her, she told me she was getting herself together and she was coming to get us.”

Patrick Fraser: “Patricia lost her life, her children lost their mother. They know what happened to their mother, she was run over in an accident. The question Det. Webster wants to find for Seangrie? Who ran over her mother.

Detective Tracy Webster: “If it was an accident and you were driving in that area, it could happen to anyone. She was walking in the roadway and you didn’t see and panicked then it’s time to get that off your chest and come forward.”

More proof that life takes strange twists. Today, Seangrie is also involved in the drug field. Her mother was an addict, Seangrie tries to help people who are addicted to drugs.

Seangrie Williams: “I’m trying my hardest to put everything I own into S&A Recovery Group for clients who want the help and needs the help.”

Help people recover from a drug addiction so they don’t wind up hit by a car and killed like her mother.

Detective Tracy Webster: “If somebody told you what happened 26 years ago and you’ve kept it secret, come forward.”

Take a look at this face, this nightgown. If you know anything, now is the time to tell.

Seangrie Williams: “Please, call. It’s all I want, I need closure for myself.”

26 years have gone by, if you know anything, it’s time to give Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers a call at 305-471-TIPS.

And if you have lost a loved one and want to remind people you are always out for justice, give us a call. With this Out for Justice, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.


Miami-Dade: 305-598-HELP (4357)

Broward: 954-796-HELP (4357)

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