WSVN — While you’re making that spring cleaning list, don’t forget to spruce up that outdoor space. Our makeover maestro has some quick and easy tips to make that patio perfect for all those spring outdoor events in tonight’s Room for Improvement.

Martin Amado: “Spring cleaning isn’t just about the indoors. Our outdoor spaces need some sprucing up as well and that’s exactly what we’re doing on today’s Room for Improvement.”

Martin Amado: “First up, let’s clear the space.”

Martin Amado: “Investing in a pressure washer like this one will make the cleaning process much quicker. Highly recommend it.”

Martin Amado: “This is great for cleaning floors, patio furniture, windows, so many things. And the best part is it doesn’t require as much elbow grease on our part.”

Martin Amado: “Pressure washing the furniture helps remove any loose paint and now it’s ready for a facelift.”

Martin Amado: “By repainting it, we’re saving money and it’s going to look brand new.”

Martin Amado: “With all the cleaning and painting done, now comes the fun part, putting it all together.”

Martin Amado: “Before, the space only had two small chairs, but this love seat is perfect and I recycled it from another part of the house.”

Martin Amado: “The idea behind more seating is that we’re creating the look of a living room but in this case, it’s outdoors.”

Martin Amado: “I love adding pedestals to raise plants off the ground plus it just makes a better focal point in the terrace.”

Martin Amado: “Tabletop fountains are a great way to add the sound of water in an outdoor setting.”

Martin Amado: “I decided to create my own chandelier out of a candle holder by simply hanging it right above the coffee table.”

Martin Amado: “Supplies that I need are a chain and some ‘S’ hooks.”

Martin Amado: “How easy was that? I love it.”

Martin Amado: “You know my outdoor makeovers always need curtains.”

Martin Amado: “This final zen moment of this outdoor makeover is brought to you by some wind chimes. We’re done.”

Martin Amado: “Yes, I did sweat working under the Miami sun, but the results are well worth it. Now, you can simply sit back and enjoy the space. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for 7News.”

Need a little help with your spring spruce up? E-mail Martin for help at, or give him a call at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME.

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