WSVN — Out with the old and in with the new! Our makeover maestro, Martin Amado, is ringing in the new year giving an old patio a bright new outlook.

Martin Amado: “On today’s ‘Room for Improvement,’ we’re creating a beautiful outdoor terrace. We already have some great elements to work with, but it’s still missing my touch. Let’s get to work.”

Martin Amado: “When we have lots of hardscape such as pavers next to concrete walls, I like to soften up the edges with fabric, which means I’m framing these beautiful openings with curtain panels.”

Martin Amado: “I’m using outdoor fabric for the panels so they are more durable.”

Martin Amado: “Just like the panels, I’m also using drapery rods made for the outdoors.”

Martin Amado: “One thing to keep in mind is you want the fabric to be attractive on both sides. So, by keeping it a solid color, it works perfectly.”

Martin Amado: “For a professional look, always match the color of the grommet to the drapery rod as well.”

Martin Amado: “Of course, they look beautiful blowing in the wind like this, but I am tying them back just to secure them in place.”

Martin Amado: “So, we have outdoor curtain panels, we have outdoor drapery rods and of course now we have an outdoor area rug.”

Martin Amado: “This morning, we had a nice space to begin with, but something was still missing. We added panels, new furniture and some other decorative elements, creating the outdoor oasis the homeowner can use to begin the new year off right. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for 7News.”

Want to start the year off with a much needed makeover? Email martin for help at or give him a call at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME.

Need a little change in an outdated room? Email martin for help at room@wsvn.Com or give him a call at 305-576-HOME or 954-962-HOME.

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