Finding parking can be stressful but these apps should help you out. Craig Stevens is here now with today’s Appsolute must-have downloads.

WSVN — Need to pay for parking but you don’t have change? That’s no longer a problem.

PayByPhone is an app that takes the hassle away when it comes to public parking. Register online, download the app, and once you find a parking space, just fill in the location, the amount of time you want to pay for and confirm.

The app sends text message reminders when time is going to be up, and if you need to add more time, just add it from your phone. No need to go back to your car. It works in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but check the app website for a list of all the cities it’s available.

Going to the beach and hate looking for parking?

ParkJockey helps you plan parking ahead of time. Look through the available locations and prepay your parking spot.

Set where you would like to go, pick a parking location, set the date, start time and duration to book it. It’s simple, just enter the credit card information and save.

If you tend to forget where you park, Park Me Right: Car Locator helps you locate your car when you seem to have forgotten. Just find your space, park and save the location. Your phone GPS will store it.

When it’s time to leave, click on Find Car and the app will pin the location so you are not going in circles in the parking lot.

Craig Stevens, 7News.

All of today’s apps are free to download.

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Park Me Right: Car Locator

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