Parental Guidance – Marisa Tomei

It's been a long time, baby, since Marisa Tomei won an Oscar for "My Cousin Vinny," but you'd never know it by looking at her. She still shines bright on the big screen, especially in her latest movie, "Parental Guidance."

Marisa plays an uptight mom who asks her parents, played by Bette Midler and Billy Crystal, to babysit her kids for a week. Even though Marisa is a star in her own right, she says it was really special working with two legends like Billy and Bette.

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "What was it like being around them every day?"

MARISA TOMEI: "Oh, fantastic, they have a great side shtick.


MARISA TOMEI: "Like all the time, in real life. They're both so full, they love family, and they create family easily. There was a lot of warmth. They are very interesting people, and they have great stories. I mean, I got to go out after, have drinks with them, after a hard day's work, and then hear fantastic showbiz stories."

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "I love that."

There's no business like show business.

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "Speaking of show business, you've had such a fantastic career, you've done so many different types of movies. Is there something you prefer doing? Whether it's a big movie, or an independent?"

MARISA TOMEI: "You get offered what you get offered. I guess it's who the director will be, like who else is going to be in it, like these guys. I like doing comedies."

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "You're great at comedy."

MARISA TOMEI: "I'm always on the lookout for that."

In the movie, Marisa's character is pretty tech savvy. She has her family live in a smart house, a casa that talks.

SHIREEN SANDOVAL: "So, if you had a smart house, that could talk to you, what would you want it to say?"

MARISA TOMEI: "Oh, you're so pretty, you're so smart, good morning!"

After I told Marisa what kind of advice my mom gave me, stuff I couldn't really say on TV, she said…

MARISA TOMEI: "Can I come over and have dinner? I wanna meet your mom!"

"Parental Guidance" is fun for the entire family, and it's always fun for me, a grumpy movie critic, to see such great actors really enjoying themselves.