Parental Guidance – Bette Midler & Billy Crystal

"Parental Guidance" is like a slap stick comedy routine on steriods. Add a few great songs throw in two of Hollywood's biggest stars: And you got a great family film. I caught up with Bette & Billy in Hollywood they told me they've known each other for decades, but this is the first time they've ever worked together on a movie. If you wanna laugh & feel light hearted "Parental Guidance" is defintely a family affair. The uber talented Bette Midler & Billy Crystal star in the movie. When you interview these two, you gotta be ready to take one for the team. BILLY CRYSTAL: "Have they finished voting in Florida yet?" We did finish counting the votes: Right? Shireen: "How long have you guys actually been friends?"BILLY CRYSTAL: "30 years" BETTE MIDLER: "Yeah, yeah."Shireen: "How did you meet orginally?"BILLY CRYSTAL: "I first met bette at a night club, at an improv in new york"Billy and bette star as absent (not as in voting grandparents)Shireen: "So, why did it take so long to work together?"BETTE MIDLER: "There were no parts, he mostly works with guys."Everything changes when their daughter (played by Oscar Winner Marisa Tomei' asks the duo to watch her kids for a week, so she can go outta town. Shiree: "You have such chemistry."BETTE MIDLER: "I think he's a master, he's a comic master. his timing is sensational and he has a big heart, but he's also a master of improv. he keeps a very happy set. He's the producer he's got to show up and get the thing in the can!! god darnit."Comedy ensues..The biggest laugh — their daughters house.It's computerized and talks constantly. Shireen: "If you had a house that could tell you what to do."BETTE MIDLER: "I would freak out. I'd be so distressed. When the lady in the gps talks to me i curse her out." BILLY CRYSTAL: "You know what I do? I put it in French."Shireen: "But do you know what it's saying?"BETTE MIDLER: "You don't know where you're going."BILLY CRYSTAL: "I know this is left, that is right but she's sassy." Shireen: "Everything sounds better in French."BILLY CRYSTAL: "You bet."So, should you see the movie? BILLY CRYSTAL: "I think you should see it right away, if you're young and married, bring your parents. if you're old, like us, older bring them."It's a week of survival – but love ensues – and relationships are rebuilt. BILLY CRYSTAL: "Yeah it was a long time before we got to work together, but it felt so right." BETTE MIDLER: "A lot of fun."