WSVN — Looking for a new way to enjoy the arts? The industry is getting a Miami makeover to re-energize your experience. Whether you’re an old school art junkie or a newbie to the art scene, there are some new ways to express yourself. Join Belkys Nerey as she opens up the Style File.

Miami is more than just pools and parties.

Jonathan Plutzik: “Miami Beach and Miami are known for a little bit of sparkly, shiny aspects. All of which are true, but what we like to say is that only tells about half the story.”

For the other half of the story, we head to The Betsy and their weekly Breakfast Salons.

Jonathan Plutzik: “We invite members of the community who are interested in literature, or the particular topic the author writes about, to come and sit around the table informally and talk about the author’s work.”

The Betsy hosts an artist each week in their Writer’s Room.

Chauncey Mabe: “You have a writer, and the writer talks about their work and you can ask questions. It’s just very low key and social, and it’s just terrific.”

Lisa Papademetriou: “It’s great to get out and talk to other people, not even necessarily about craft, but even just about their lives, and to interact with and hear what they’re thinking about.”

Everyone is welcome, and it’s all free.

Kathryn: “This is highly unusual programming for a hotel. I think it’s a phenomenal way of giving back to the community.”

Chauncey Mabe: “What a great way to start the day.”

Not a morning person? No worries! Pérez Art Museum Miami is putting an artistic spin on your happy hour!

Leann Standish: “We happen to have one of the best spots on the water, and so we want to invite people out.”

Guest: “This gives you an opportunity to be out and not at a bar. So, I like that part of it.”

The museum hosts their Poplife Social on the third Thursday of every month.

Aileen Quintana: “Sunset vibes, drinks, music, art. I mean, you can’t get any better than that in Miami, in my opinion.”

The Poplife Social is included with your admission.

Karine Calixte: “I just came for an event, and I didn’t know all of this was happening! It gives you a chance to meet different people in Miami. It gives you a chance to be involved in arts, especially if you’re young.”

Each Social features drink specials and a food theme created by their restaurant, Verde.

Leann Standish: “It’s grilled cheese night tonight!”

Throw in a little music, and you have one happening happy hour!

Stephany Torres: “Music always just sets the ambiance. You know, it gets the people moving. It gives them something to connect to, I feel.”

And you even get in on the art action by designing your own masterpiece.

Leeann Standish: “I’ve always thought that it was really important for the adults to have the hands-on experience that we give to the kids, because adults get into it.”

Adding a little more flair to South Florida’s art scene.

Stephany Torres: “Why not? It’s Miami, enjoy it! It’s a great happy hour!”

Pérez Art Museum Miami
1103 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 375-3000

The Betsy South Beach
1440 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 531-6100

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