Pain & Gain

Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson has done it again. His new movie, the dark comedy "Pain & Gain" is number one at the box office. But he he didn't climb the extra buttery, icey soda, juju bee's ladder alone.  KEN JEONG: "I think this is one of Michael Bay's best films ever. Based on a true story that's darkly comic."Shireen: "That's depressing."BAR PALY: "It's a fun ride."Talk about fun — Ken Jeong and Bar Paly are pretty darn good in the movie, too. Both play hilarious supporting roles: Ken & Bar loved filming in the magic city, working-out to get a hot Miami body, not so much.Shireen: "Is there anything that you do imparticular that you have to work hard at Bootylicious is very important here, don't laugh, you are rated on your behind here?"KEN JEONG: "In addition to the booty, I also like to work on making my abs as possible when I eat my cookies."The movie is about a couple of Miami meat heads that kidnap and murder people to get rich. Miami was such a scene in the 90's — hard bodies and hot weather. Shireen: "You are pretty perfect, so I hate you. She's more perfect in person. Is there anything you have to work on in particular please tell me?"BAR PALY: "Yes, I have very thin arms and I have to lift weights to make them proportional to the rest of the body."BAR PALY: "That's good right"Better than good — hard as a rock, like our own hometown hottie