Crispy chicken salad from Katsuya at the SLS Hotel on South Beach

The Chef: Carlos PimentelThe Restaurant: Katsuya at the SLS Hotel on South BeachThe Dish: Crispy Chicken Salad Ingredients: 2 cups mixed greens (napa cabbage, raddichio,Read More

Linguine Bolognese from La Patagonia Argentina

The Chef: Carlos CastigiliaThe Restaurant: La Patagonia ArgentinaThe Dish: Linguine Bolognese Ingredients: 2 tbls extra virgin olive oil4 ounces of ground beef6 ounces Linguine1/4 spanishRead More

Paella di Fregola from Sardinia Enoteca on South Beach

The Chef: Pietro VardeuThe Restaurant: Sardinia Enoteca on South BeachThe Dish: Paella di Fregola Ingredients: 100 grams of Sardinian couscous1tbls extra virgin olive oil1 tbs.Read More

French onion burger from Shula Burger in Delray Beach

The Chef: Peter FarrandThe Restaurant: Shula Burger in Delray BeachThe Dish: French Onion Burger Ingredients: 1 hamburger patty1/2 tsp. kosher salt and black pepper1 eachRead More

Tax-free Holiday

WSVN — Kamali Burke doesn’t have any children going back to school, but the 25-year-old fashionista is already picking out what she wants to buyRead More

DUI Controversy

WSVN — It was a standard DUI roadside test and arrest last August, until the deputy turns his dashboard camera to the inside of hisRead More

Doctor Suspended

WSVN — Dr. Steven Brown was first busted by the Broward Sheriff's Office in March. The 45-year-old is accused of trafficking and possession of Oxycodone,Read More

Mattress Matters

WSVN — BSO Fire Rescue Officer: "It's not even two minutes and the mattress is pretty much completely involved, including underneath of the mattress." ThisRead More

Fair Warning?

WSVN — The eyes in the sky are already here. Traffic cameras mounted at South Florida intersections, strobing away day and night, recording red lightRead More

Elder Abuse

WSVN — Roland Lacroix: "Those are not my checks." This is 79-year-old Roland Lacroix just days before he died from cancer. A family friend tookRead More