Bertha Louis

  WSVN — It was 1983. If you wanted to have a good time, South Florida was a great place, and 23-year-old Bertha Louis lovedRead More

Two Jane Does

WSVN — Detective Terry Smith, Monroe County Sheriff's Department: "She was found right at the end of the road." When you are a cold caseRead More

Juan Peruyero

WSVN — You may have seen Nelda Fonticiella on TV as a spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Police Department, but you may not know about herRead More

Mary and Maggie Jenkins

WSVN — Some things never change. Today when spring break hits, kids head to the beach. In 1973, it was teenage sisters Mary and MaggieRead More

Rory Cox

WSVN — Life is not fair. Mean, horrible, nasty people live long lives. Angela Cox, mother: "He was very, very kind. He loved his parents."Read More

Julie Wills

WSVN — Christopher Barrett: "She was so beautiful, she shined because she was so vibrant." You don't have to know Julie Wills to know thatRead More

Ana Virginia Ortiz

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Maria Jackson

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Marissa Karp

WSVN — Gary Karp can't sleep, can't work, can't believe what has happened. Gary Karp: "This is something that I would never ever in aRead More

Noemi Custodio

WSVN — Her smile was contagious. Milly Gonzalez: "She was always very happy, loved to dance." Her heart was enormous. Milly Gonzalez: "Very family-oriented. SheRead More