Fast & Furious 6

Now that the car is finally out of the garage: Here are some of the things I haven't told about Fast 6. The movie that'sRead More

Heat themed manicures

I think the saying goes the more Heat-themed manicures there are the more three pointers the Miami Heat will score. Right? Isn't that the saying?Read More

Cafe Martorano

Martorano at the Hard Rock in Hollywood is doubling down on fun.Hit me baby! It's Black Jack while you eat.LARRY MULLIN: "It's the first restaurantRead More

Miss Fanatic

This is your moment lady heat fans. You can show your passion for the heat — in white hot heat gear — by Miss Fanatic.Read More

Man of Steel

George Reeve, Christopher Reeves, Dean Kane, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh wearing the red cape has a history.  When it comes to super-roles Superman is it.Read More

The Heat

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock are reluctant partners in "The Heat." Together they try to track down a drug lord through any means necessary. NowRead More

Uni K Wax

The secret is out. Waxing doesn't have to be the long and painful experience it once was. Oh, relax its not as bad as itRead More