The title may focus on the wizard. But the drama comes with the witches. Mila kunis is theodora.Mila Kunis: "She's a woman scorned she's a girl with a broken heart who wants to numb the pain."And Rachel Weisz plays her sister, "Evanora."RACHEL WEISZ: "I just decided that she is obviously incredibly evil, and she took enormous pleasure in being evil."To say there's some sibling rivalry is an understatement. We learn more about the wicked witches than we did the first time around.Mila Kunis: "I got to create the back story of the character and that was the fun part."RACHEL WEISZ: "She's the one that gets crushed by the house but you don't get to know her much do you?"Yeah, but no red slippers or falling houses yet just delicious evilness. Is that even a word?RACHEL WEISZ: "She killed Glinda's father to try and get to the throne."And speaking of glinda."Your magic is the only thing strong enuf to save us all."Michelle williams is sooo good at being good.MICHELLE WILLIAMS: "I'm her as her younger self. She's at the beginning of her powers and she's just trying to figure out what she's capeable of."She doesn't have many screens with the sisters grim, but enjoyed watching them work.

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