Online Extra/Make Clarified Butter

WSVN — "Hey everyone, I'm Belkys Nerey with this Online Extra. Have you ever tried to sauté something in butter but you put it in and it gets brown and dark and basically it ruins everything? It's because you need to clarify your butter first before you do that. How do you clarify butter? Not a big deal, I'm going to show you how."

"What we do when we clarify butter is we get rid of the milk solids and the water so we're left with the good stuff."

"We want to put it in a sauce pan over medium heat and just let it melt and you see that top part that frothy part? Those are the milk solids that are in there. They're rising to the top and that's what we're going to get rid of."

"I'm going to take a spoon and just spoon it right off and just get rid of it little by little."

"And we're left with some nice butter fat which is what you want."

"The best part about this is you can put it in an airtight container and put it in your fridge and keep it there for up to three months.  Now you know. Buon appetito."