Unmolding a Pie

Pastry Chef Dallas Wynne of Ariete Restaurant in Coconut Grove says, when you’ve worked hard on a pie crust, you should unmold it to serve.

Chef Dallas Wynne: “You can serve it right on any kind of serving plate you want to, and it just really shows off all of your hard work.”

When your pie is done, chill it and take it out of the fridge to unmold.

Chef Dallas Wynne: “The first thing we do it take a pairing knife, and you’re going right along the edges.”

Chef Dallas Wynne: “Peel off anything that might prohibit the pie from coming out.”

Next, take a plate, bottom side down, and putting your thumbs on top of the plate, gently flip the pie over and pick up the pan. Almost done!

Chef Dallas Wynne: “You take another plate, put it on the bottom, and your pie is easy to serve, and you can see that golden brown crust that you worked really hard on.”

Now, just cut a piece, garnish and serve unmolded. That gorgeous crust is sure to impress your family and your friends!

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