Miami-Dade officials said the deck that collapsed at Shucker’s Bar and Grill’ should have been inspected at the beginning of the year.

Investigators said the deck at the South Florida restaurant fell into Biscayne Bay Thursday night, as Miami Heat fans were watching the game.

North Bay Village’s building official told 7News on Monday he assumed the deck was inspected in January. That’s when Shucker’s passed a mandatory inspection to recertify the building.

However, the engineer who did the inspection told the Miami Herald he did not look at the deck, because that’s not required for re-certification. North Bay Village’s building official disputes that, saying the deck was supposed to be inspected.

The county told 7News the deck is, “part of the building” and consequently it should have been included in the forty year recertification.

7News requested an interview with the engineer who did the inspection and thus far, that request has not been granted.

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