WSVN — Christian Rodriguez was always known as the chubby kid.

Christian Rodriguez: “Around school I wasn’t necessarily teased but it was recognized, it was known.”

So by the time he was 15, he decided to make a big change.

Christian Rodriguez: “Partially one of the reasons why I started losing weight was actually because of high school, because I knew I didn’t want that to ruin my high school experience.”
He turned to his older sister for support.

Laura Hernandez: “Going back he used to try all types of diets, he was aware of the problem and wanted to be more active.”
Hernandez helped her brother change his eating habits and introduced him to personal trainer Sury Neives.
Neives is the owner of Health Joint Fitness and says the first step is simply motivating kids to move.

Sury Neives: “Doing small activities in the beginning. Taking a walk through the park and breathing in fresh air.”
Christian started walking and then it was on to the gym.

Sury Neives: “Initially we started working on a treadmill, working on an elliptical and little by little we built it up with light weights.”
Sury says adding weights helps the pounds come off faster.

Sury Neives: “If we incorporate light weights, it’s actually going to help him burn calories while he’s at rest.”

One exercise uses ropes to help build the core, abs, legs and arms– a full body workout.
If you can’t get the kids to a gym, Sury says just take them outside.

Sury Neives: “You don’t need any equipment to be honest with you. We can do squats, lunges, pushups, dips…”

Just walking up and down the bleachers a few times will get your heart rate going.

After three months, Christian lost an unbelievable 80 pounds.

Christian Rodriguez: “I was a size 42, now I’m a size 36.”
He’s actually now down to a size 34 and has more energy than ever. His advice to other young people trying to lose weight is be patient.

Christian Rodriguez: “A little bit a day, step by step and you’ll do fine.”
Also, don’t ever give up.

Christian Rodriguez: “Motivation. I’ve gotta keep on going, round two.”

To find out more about the exercise and nutrition program that helped Christian lose weight:
The Health Joint Fitness Club:
Tel: (305) 261-4004
Facebook: Laura Hernandez/Coral Gables

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