WSVN — Norman West was born in Liberty City and lived his whole life there.Beverly West: "Norman did some work in the neighborhood. He washed some cars he did some other things, helped fix things."  In March 2011, Norman was doing yard work for his cousin, Larry Jackson.Then witnesses saw him get into this silver Monte Carlo with an unidentified man. It was the last time anyone saw him alive.Carl Zogby: "On March 17, 2011 somebody shot and killed Norman West. They bring his body into Hialeah and they discard it like he was trash, like he was worthless."Beverly was at home.Beverly West: "I never had this feeling before it's like a black cloud just came and sat right here."Patrick Fraser: "Beverly's family was devastated but then it got worse for them, they found out that before Norman was killed two of his cousins had taken out life insurance policies on him. Two policies totaling $310,00 and each cousin was the beneficiary of a policy."Beverly West: "That would make anybody pause and say well say what?" Detectives say the insurance policies were taken out by Norman's cousin Larry Jackson, a former Miami Police Officer who Norman was working for when he disappeared, and another policy taken out by Norman's cousin Latarsha Johnson. Clearly, police say that raised their eyebrows.Detective Ruiz: "We do have some strong indications which point to Latarsha Johnson and Larry Jackson. We have both their statements, which were disproved. We have suspicious not one, but two suspicious insurance policies that were taken out. One policy, the amount of the policy was upped just days before the murder."Detective Ruiz also uncovered this video that appears to show Latarsha Johnson buying an item which has been linked to Norman's murder.Detective Ruiz: "We learned that an item was used to carry out this murder after tracking it down we found footage of LaTarsha Johnson buying this item at a Broward store." Ruiz has some questions for Larry Jackson and Latarsha Johnson to try clear up some things. But Norman's cousins won't talk to the police.Detective Hubert Ruiz: "There's circumstance that would lead the responsible prudent detective to consider some family members a person of interest."Det. Ruiz is also trying to find out if anyone knows the driver of this silver Monte Carlo that Norman apparently got into last year. The same car was caught on surveillance video where Norman's body was dumped.Carl Zogby: "There's no such thing as the perfect crime or a perfect secret. So somebody out there knows something that could help us solve this case."Detectives have a lot of evidence. They need a few more pieces to wrap up the case and one phone call could do it.Beverly West: "How can somebody take another human being and throw them out like a Burger King wrapper." Police have some clues, some people they would love to talk to but they need your help. If you know anything about Norman West's death last year, Hialeah Police would love to hear from you. Just make a call to Crimestoppers.  And if you've lost a loved and want to show people you're still Out for Justice give us a call.FOR MORE INFORMATION:Out For Justice: 305-598-HELP (4357) in Miami-Dade or 954-796-HELP (4357) in Broward

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