WSVN — Whether he's playing outside with his kids, or just sitting inside on the couch, Ken Shelley usually has a towel nearby.

Ken Shelley: "I could be sitting on my couch, playing a video game. I can feel the sweat running down your side."

He's been dealing with excessive sweating since his mid-20s, and there is no shortage of humiliating stories.

Ken Shelley: "Sometimes, before I even get out of the car to get where I am going, I'll have wet marks under my arms, and that can be embarrassing."

Not to mention all the clothes he's had to trash.

Ken Shelley: "You have yellow stains under your arms. I've probably ruined 12 shirts."

Deodorants and antiperspirants can't keep him dry, so he started looking for new options.

Ken Shelley: "I have looked into some invasive surgeries that I kinda was, like, hesitant on, because they want to cut under your arms."

Finally, he heard about a new non-invasive treatment with a machine called "miraDry." The FDA approved treatment uses microwave energy to stop excessive underarm sweating.

Dr. Jason Pozner, plastic surgeon: "It's sort of like a microwave oven. Instead of frying or cooking your coffee or TV dinner, it's going to cook the sweat glands. It eradicates and kills then, hopefully to never come back."

After your underarms are numbed, they apply this grid so they know what areas to treat, and then the machine goes to work.

Ken Shelley: "It's like a suction. I can honestly tell you it was painless. I'm dry as can be"

Several weeks later, Ken says he literally doesn't sweat anymore, at least not under his arms.

Ken Shelley: "It's amazing. Truly, I don't need to wear deodorant, because there is no more smell, there is no more wetness."

Meaning he doesn't have to sweat the small stuff anymore.

Ken Shelley: "I'm looking forward to be able to purchase a shirt and keep it for a little while. No embarrassment."

Sanctuary Medical Center in Boca is one of the first to offer this procedure. It usually takes two sessions, spaced a few months apart. The cost is about $3000.


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