I did Lynn , that's a 36, a European size by the way. Move over fancy footwear designers, there's a new kid in town. His name is Nicholas Kirkwood. His shoes look like art. But the best part? If you're looking for cool, classy and comfortable Kirkwoods kicks art the perfect fit.If you wanna make a fashion statement:NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD: "Hi Deco Drive."You'll need a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood — kicks.The London-based designer is known for decadent, delicious and downright jaw-dropping shoes. Shireen: "In the fashion world, they describe your shoe as a statement shoe if someone is not a shoe expert, what does that mean?"NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD: "It's something that when you put it on, you feel special. It's a bit more empowering, it's the kind of thing where someone on the street may stop you and say: "Where are your shoes from?"I caught up with Kirkwood at Saks, Bal Harbour: Shireen: "I have a question, can I borrow your charge card?"Where he was showing off his 2013 Spring collection and signing them, too. NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD: "This collection was actually based on Miami. There are a lot of details of crashing waves. We have two different parts of the color palette, the brighter ones are more today. There's also a pastel range sort of 50's South Beach."Shireen: "What is the key to the perfect fit?" NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD: "I tend to do a slightly wider fit in a high heel, because your foot naturally wants to spread, all your weight is going on that point, so for me that makes it definitely more comfy."Even though Nick has played footsie's with the rich & famous, he's also known for his fabulous fit for us regula' folks. DEBORAH SLACK:  "I think they are fun and flirty, but what I like the most is.. they're really comfortable."And good news for shoe lovers: Saks is expanding my closet! Oh, I mean, its shoe department in Bal Harbour.Shireen: "The shoe department is being renamed a zip code?" DEBORAH SLACK: "It's…"Shireen: "That's New York." DEBORAH SLACK : "I wish I could make it but when we're finished, no one else can touch us."Go-on, step into spring with a pretty pair of Kirkwoods. Cuz if the shoe fits and you don't buy it…I will.    February is Saks loves your cause month. 5 Percent percent of sales go to the American Red Cross, the Mount Sinai Medical Foundation and the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.Kirkwood by the way, just won the 2013 BFC Vogue fashion fund. You can buy his shoes at Saks.       

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