WSVN — The biggest party of the year is New Year’s Eve and that can also mean a big bill! In tonight’s Dollars and Sense, 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us how to throw that big bash without busting your budget.

Everyone wants to host the best New Year’s Eve party, but all that bubbly and bling can get pricey.

Pablo Estades: “A party can definitely get expensive. You need to budget and plan ahead of time.”

Total Wine and More Manager Pablo Estades has some tips to help you ring in the new year without ringing up a big bill.

Pablo Estades: “You have many options that you can do to save money.”

Drinks are a must!

Pablo Estades: “What’s a New Year’s party without drinks?”

Toasting to 2015 with champagne, which can cost $30 or more per bottle, can toast your budget.

But Total Wine has cheaper options to down as the ball drops.

Pablo Estades: “You can get sparkling Cava from Spain that you can get for about the $10 range that are highly rated.”

As for other drink options, keep in mind you don’t have to stock a full bar.

Pablo Estades: “If you stay simple, stick to simple drinks, you can make with one or two or three ingredients and then have another type of drink or alcohol that uses the same ingredients. You can save a lot of money doing that.”

And consider making sangria instead of loading up on bottles of wine.

If you want to serve the good stuff, host a small soirée that won’t leave you in debt.

Pablo Estades: “Instead of inviting the whole neighborhood, you invite your closest friends and it might be a time you’re going to remember a little bit more.”

Inexpensive votive candles and dimmed lights will not only set the mood for some good ‘ol New Year’s smooches, but your pocketbook will be ready to pucker up too, thanks to the cash you’ll save on decorations.

Pablo Estades: “Confetti is fun!”

Put those old magazines to good use and shred the pages for homemade confetti!

The most important part of New Year’s Eve isn’t the price tag, but the memories you create.

Pablo Estades: “It’s the most important time of the year, where you get together with your friends and you want it to be remembered. Have a great time and host a great party.”

Total Wine and More has an entire section online that helps you prepare for that holiday party so you don’t overspend.

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