New Year’s Resolutions

WSVN — If the holidays stressed out your skin, get a fresh face for the new year at Exhale Mind Body Spa on Brickell.

Their new illuminate facial promises to help you put your best face forward.

Shareese Logan-Esthetician, Exhale Mind Body Spa: "It helps your skin to glow, it brightens your skin, it takes off all the dead skin cells."

This facial packs a powerful punch, starting with a self-warming honey cleanser.

Shareese Logan: "The honey has been known to moisturize the skin."

It's followed by a rosemary mud mask and extractions, but the big bang comes with this citric acid mask.

Shareese Logan: "It's going to feel like she has champagne bubbles on her face. It's exfoliating her skin, it's smoothing her skin."

It literally starts fizzing and foaming when a copper mist is sprayed on the face.

Shareese Logan: "When they come together, they fizz, and it creates this amazing ability to produce collagen. You see the results immediately."

The results seem pretty spectacular.

Client: "You feel it fizz, you could tell it got under your skin. I feel like i'm glowing."

Now that your skin is glowing, how about makeup tips from the experts at GEE Beauty in Bal Harbour? They're offering a makeup technique class called "Secrets from the Chair."

Natalie Gee-Co-founder, GEE Beauty: "What's so great is, we really teach you the secrets but what works for you."

For an hour and a half, they teach you all the tricks of the trade so you can do your makeup like a pro.

Natalie Gee: "If contouring is key for your makeup look, then we teach you that. Smoky eyes? We teach you that."

And like any good lesson, you have to show off what you learn.

Natalie Gee: "We actually do the makeup on one side of your face, and we watch you do the other side."

From flawless faces to buff bodies…

Geoff Bagshaw-Regional Group Fitness Manager, Equinox Gym: "If you've stacked on those pounds during the holiday period, we're going to take them off, layer by layer."

Equinox just launched a brand new fitness class called "Stacked," where they hit the body with repetitive dose of exercises.

Geoff Bagshaw: "You're going to go through two series of stacks of five or six exercises, basically 30 seconds at a time, and each time you run through the program you're going to add on another stack, so by the end of it you're going through nice series of exercises and you're really gonna get your heart rate up."

And you'll get to play with a new exercise tool called sand bells.

Geoff Bagshaw: "You can do slams, and all kinds of rotational movements. You really get to target your core. You're going to be using them for cardiovascular movements, strength movements. You're gonna see results within the first few weeks."

I'm tired already! Here's hoping we keep all of our New Year's resolutions.


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GEE Beauty9700 Collins Ave.Bal Harbour, FL 33154(305) 868-3533