It’s the First of January, and everyone is looking for a new start. 7’s Belkys Nerey shows us some cool ways to get healthy in tonight’s Style File.

Looking to eat healthier in 2015? Here’s the good news: You don’t have to give up dessert!

Francesca Caltagirone: “Everything is under 140 calories.”

CraveClean is a new protein bakery in Coral Gables with goodies that are actually good for you.

Francesca Caltagirone: “Clean ingredients that you can feel good about eating, from coconut oil to unsweetened apple sauce, unsweetened almond milk. We pride ourselves that all of our items be under two and a half grams of sugar.”

Avian Capo: “You eat it without any guilt at all, and you don’t feel like you did something wrong.”

The not-so-secret recipe? No flour, but a big boost of protein in every treat!

There are 26 different types of cupcake flavors.

Avian Capo: “The carrot cupcake, it has 92 calories, with 9 grams of protein. We have No Worreo, which is our play on an Oreo cupcake.”

Or bite into some cookies and brownies.

Avian Capo: “Our Whey to Go protein brownie is actually our most popular item. It has 25 grams of protein.”

Daniella Estrella: “I definitely used to get protein bars delivered to my house. Now I just come here and have my favorite cupcakes.”

If you’re looking to undo the damage you did to your body over the holidays, Deliver Lean just launched their “DL revAMP.”

Alina Z: “DL RevAMP is the first-ever, all-organic, plant-based food detox. You can do anywhere from three to five days.”

The plan is designed to detoxify internal organs and give the body a much-needed break from bad foods. And they say you won’t be starving.

Alina Z: “You’ll have a lot of vegetables, a noodle bowl with real noodles but made with buckwheat, a delicious soothing soup, tea to curb hunger. Truffles or chocolate bark on one of the days.”

You’ll also get a kit to make your whole body feel better!

Alina Z: “It has a lymphatic brush, so you can stimulate your lymphs by dry brushing your skin. Salts that help you detox even more, a soy candle, a journal to detox your mind.”

So start the new year off right! The DL revAMP is $125 a day, including shipping. If that’s not in your budget, you can try Deliver Lean’s vegan or vegetarian meals for $8.95 a meal.

Belkys Nerey, 7News.

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