New Clubs

WSVN — Wanna know where all the cool kids are hangin' ? The new Gale Hotel is where it's at with two new hot spots fit for any taste.  Joshua Wagner-Managing Partner, LDV Hospitality: "The 'Jeckyl and Hyde effect' between the Regent Cocktail Club and the Rec Room. That you have a place where you can have a sophisticated cocktail and then you can go downstairs to Rec Room and step on the gas."For a low-key classy night of classic cocktails, hang your hat at the Regent Cocktail Club. Don't expect smoking drinks here, they're going back to the basics.Bartender: "It's about re-introducing some of  the classic drinks. People try to get overcomplicated with their cocktails. Classic cocktail from the 30's. Layers of Apple Jack, fresh lemon juice, fresh lemon juice, creme de pesh and egg whites."The snazzy bartenders are always dreaming up five to six new drinks each day.  Brendan Simms: "I'm having an old fashion with Hudson baby bourbon. It's the coolest spot, I think in Miami as far as cocktails and ingredients." The idea here: Go back in time to the days of the speakeasy and actually enjoy an evening of talking to your friends.Robin Diamond: "We stepped out of South Beach for a minute, little bit old school, leather banquettes, the hats. We came here to be able to talk and catch up. You're not screaming over everyone."Belkys: "So once you've had a few drinks at the Regent Cocktail Club, you're ready to get your party on. Then it's time to head downstairs to the Rec Room."Joshua Wagner: "The Rec Room is your 70's style porno basement. We have a collection of almost 4,000 vinyl records."Talk about a personality change. Step on the gas this basement is ready to rock it old school-style. Josh Wagner: "It's basically 70's, 90's, funk, old school, hip hop. No main commercial house, no sparklers on bottles."Ben James: "It's not the "nnnncccc" sound. It's a little bit chill."Belkys: "What's the nnccc?" Ben James: "That's what you get everywhere else in Miami. that beat right?"Why everyone likes it? Just like an old basement, it's comfortable.Josh Wagner: "What we have been seeing, which is remarkable, is that we're filled with all locals."Nicole Thatcher: "No drama to get in, everyone can feel comfortable here. And the music can not be beat."A few blocks down at the James Royal Palm Hotel straight from New York's Meatpacking District is the new club SL.Marko Gojanovic-SL: "The format of the music is more New York style. It's hip-hop, a little more mixed, a different trend."Don't expect to hear yourself talk here this a place to get 'rowdy'!Marko Gojanovic-SL: "People get up and dance. We party hard here."And you never know who you might see.Marko Gojanovic: "We've been getting a lot of celebrities Leo Dicaprio, Cameron Diaz, Gerard Butler. No I'm not name dropping at all."Fact: No one knows how to party better than Miami.Best part, the new Catch Restaurant by a top chef winner is located right above SL so you can grab a bite and then hang out all night.FOR MORE INFO:SL Miami1545 Collins AveMiami Beach, FL 33139(305) 604-5700Rec Room & Regent Cocktail Club1690 Collins Avenue