These days, everyone is looking for more natural ways to be healthy, and even though it may sound bizarre, some are using oil to do everything from whiten their teeth to help with oral problems. 7’s Diana Diaz has this Natural News.

WSVN — It’s an ancient treatment that may look and sound weird.

Monique Blake, certified ayurvedic practitioner: “There are so many secrets in ayurvedics and this is the best one.”

People looking for a natural way to boost their oral health are doing something called oil pulling. The idea is to pull out any bad stuff hanging out in your mouth.

Monique Blake: “The mouth is the entry way for bacteria in the body. So if you clean the mouth, you can prevent the progression of bacteria to the rest of the body. The benefits for oil pulling range from teeth whitening, to improving receding gums, to eliminating bleeding gums, also plaque.”

Natural practitioners advise patients to take a tablespoon of coconut, sesame or sunflower oil first thing each morning.

Monique Blake: “You’re going to swish it around in the mouth between the teeth and do it in a forceful manner. You’re pulling the toxins, so you don’t want to swallow that. You want to spit it out.”

You’ll start off oil pulling for five minutes, and then work your way up to 15 minutes a day. After months of daily oil pulling, Monique Blake says she’s seen impressive results.

Monique Blake: “For myself, no more bleeding gums. For years, I had a problem getting rid of plaque. Gone.”

Frances Yahai started oil pulling after a bad trip to the dentist.

Frances Yahai: “He told me that I had inflammation of the gums and he told me that if it progressed, it would turn into periodontal disease.”

She’s been oil pulling every morning since October and has seen a big change.

Frances Yahai: “I just went back from my three-month checkup, and he said everything looked great.”

Another extra benefit? Sparkling teeth without using any expensive and potentially harmful chemical teeth whiteners.

Frances Yahai: “We were just at dinner and my girlfriend was like, ‘Your teeth are so white!’ I was like, ‘Yay!'”

Oil pulling is very inexpensive, but you’ll want to buy a high-quality, organic, cold pressed oil.


Oil Pulling

Coconut, Sesame, Sunflower


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