WSVN — Find your next favorite band with our first app. “Band of the Day” which features a hot new artist every day, you can listen to their music, read bios and watch all the latest videos.Also check out previously featured bands and see who’s topping the charts. You can buy music you like and share your favorites on Facebook and Twitter.

If you don’t know who you’re listening to, no worries. “Soundhound” will tell you the name of the band and much more. Just hold your phone up to the speaker and within minutes you’ll have the name of the song and the band.

The app also has live song lyrics that move in time with the music.

And here’s an app to bring out your inner rock star. “Jam for iPhone” can make anyone sound like an a-list singer. Just select a musical style and tempo, then sing into your phone. Jam auto-tunes your voice and adds music and effects to create your original song.

The best part is app-solutely no musical talent is required.


Band of the Day



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