WSVN — As your kids get older, they want their rooms to be a more grownup space. Makeover maestro Martin Amado is helping transform one girl’s bedroom from baby pink to a more updated and modern style.

Martin Amado: “On today’s ‘Room for Improvement’ we are transitioning a bedroom’s decor from baby pink to a more modern, pre-teen space because Autumn, as you can see, is all grown up!”

Martin Amado:: “So you like inspiration from outdoors, like more earth tones, like the browns and the greens? Awesome! So let me get to work and surprise you at the end. I have some really cool ideas and I hope you like it!”

Autumn Sattler: “Ok!”

Martin Amado: “The first thing we did in Autumn’s bedroom was get rid of all the furniture and the pink walls. In it’s place, we have this beautiful sage green that compliments the wall mural that will be going up behind the bed.”

Martin Amado: “Karen is with and I love this concept because it’s an affordable way to enhance a space but you don’t have the commitment like wallpaper and dealing with all that mess.”

Karen Gomez: “Not at all. It’s just a peel and stick sticker.”

Martin Amado: “Wow!”

Karen Gomez: “It protects your wall, easy to remove. If you can imagine it, we can create it! So crazy!”

Martin Amado: “I love that!” I imagined this, so let’s create it!

Karen Gomez: “Let’s create it!”

Martin Amado: “I love the look of the wall mural. It’s instant design in the space. Now, let’s make it more functional by bringing in the furniture.”

Martin Amado: “By placing the bookcase right next to the desk, we create the look of one single piece of furniture that takes up less room.”

Martin Amado: “The birch wood finish compliments the wall mural beautifully.”

Martin Amado: “By placing a bookcase horizontally at the foot of the bed, we gain additional storage plus it’s a nice bench for Autumn and her friends.”

Martin Amado: “If we’re dealing with nature, we have to have some birds somewhere, right?”

Martin Amado: “Autumn has dogs and cats, so this outdoor area rug is very stain resistant.”

Martin Amado: “By placing a mirror on top of the desk, it also acts as a vanity for Autumn.”

Martin Amado: “Final touch a woven, wicker desk chair and we are good to go. Let’s get Autumn.”

Martin: “This morning, your room was all pink, right? You wanted a nature inspired makeover, so open your eyes. 1,2,3!”

Autumn Sattler: “Oh my god! It’s so pretty!”

Martin Amado: “Thank you so much for letting us do this for you! Enjoy your room with all the birds and the trees!”

Martin Amado: “To all the viewers at home, we thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time on another ‘Room for Improvement’. Alright! Bye guys!”

Have your children outgrown their space? Email martin for help at or give him a call at 305-576-home or 954-962-home.

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