WSVN — Most parents know finding fun activities for the kids can be a struggle. Well a local mom has made that job a lot easier. 7’s Lynn Martinez has details in today’s Parent to Parent.

Parents know there are fun activities out there for the kids but the hard part is finding them.

Valerie Schimel  Founder: “When I was a kid, my mom would look in the newspaper and find out what was happening that week.”

When Valerie Schimel became a parent, she wanted an easier way to find family-friendly events. She started creating her own calendar.

Valerie Schimel: “I put together a really basic calendar just collaborating and getting a comprehensive view of all the things happening in town.”

But then she realized other parents could really benefit from her calendar.

Valerie Schimel: “Munchkin Fun’s mission is to help parents find fun things to do with their kids.”

The site lists events, classes and activities for kids all in one place. Here’s how it works. You sign up on the site.

Valerie Schimel: “You sign up for our newsletter, it will prompt you to do that, just put in your email address and enter your zip code.”

Then every week a list of events in your community is sent directly to your inbox.

Valerie Schimel: “You will get information regarding a description of the event, the location, the date, the time, price, the age for which it’s appropriate.”

There are even events for new parents like the the Baby Sensory Place in Pembroke Pines, where your bundle of joy dances to music, plays instruments and even learns sign language.

Luisa Vesga, owner of Baby Sensory Place: “To avoid frustration, we teach them signs to communicate with mommy and daddy.”

Or maybe your child needs to find some inner peace. This yoga music class on Miami Beach will turn any kid into a mini-meditator.

Cynthia Zak Preuss, creator or Yoga Music: “The kids really follow the musical sounds and the rhythm and the sound quality.”

Cynthia says she’s proud to be listed on Munchkin Fun.

Cynthia Zak Preuss: “They’re really picky, they go and see what’s going on.”

Valerie says the best part about her site is that it saves every parent precious time.

Valerie Schimel: “In three minutes you get a newsletter, see something you want, book it and be done with it.”

Lynn Martinez: This is a free service for parents and anyone in the community is welcome to post an event on Munchkin Fun also for free.


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