WSVN — A South Florida mother is taking drastic measures to get help for her sick child. Her 4-year-old son suffers from life-threatening seizures, and she says her only hope to get him better is to pack up and leave South Florida. In tonight’s special assignment report, 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us why this mom is “Moving for Marijuana.”

Jacqueline Lebron is packing up for the biggest move of her life.

Jacqueline Lebron: “I’m crying because part of me, even though I have the strength to do it, I’m still scared.”

The single mom is leaving behind her family and friends in South Florida for a new life in Colorado. It’s all a desperate move to get medical marijuana for her 4-year-old son, Joshua.

Jacqueline Lebron: “I’m willing to try anything. If I don’t, for sure I know what can happen and that is that I can lose my son.”

Joshua has epilepsy and has suffered from life-threatening seizures since he was just three months old.

Jacqueline Lebron: “Thousands and thousands of seizures. I mean, daily. He can have up to 20.”

During his physical therapy, Joshua suffered a scary seizure, the third one that morning.

Leigh Jaffe: “It’s obviously very scary for a child. Every time you have a seizure, it potentially creates brain damage. Joshua has unfortunately lost some of the skills he’s had in the past.”

The little boy has to be fed through a tube in his stomach. He’s unable to walk or sit up on his own, and even more heartbreaking, he can no longer talk to his mother.

Jacqueline Lebron: “Um, that would be a blessing just for him to say ‘Mom.’ I mean, you know that they know you love them, but you want to hear it sometimes. I think that’s the human thing in us.”

Joshua has tried different medications, but his mom says many of the drugs made his life even worse.

Jacqueline Lebron: “I would say there were months where he would sleep 20 hours a day, and he’s still having seizures, so what was the point?”

Jacqueline believes her son’s last hope is a strain of medical marijuana called ‘Charlotte’s Web’ that she can legally buy at a Colorado dispensary. It’s a cannabis oil high in a substance that may help alleviate seizures, but the oil doesn’t produce the high typically associated with recreational pot.

Jacqueline Lebron: “I’m not so scared about trying something new because, throughout this journey, every medicine he’s been on is like another experiment.”

Even though Florida voted against medical marijuana earlier this year, Florida’s legislature did legalize Charlottes Web. But the marijuana plants may not be available in our state until later next year.

Jacqueline Lebron: “I can’t wait any longer. I think I’ve waited too long already. The more I wait, the more damage my son is having to his brain.”

Jacqueline has established residency in Colorado and plans to stay there for at least six months to see if this medical marijuana can help her son.

Jacqueline Lebron: “Hopefully he becomes seizure-free, his motor skills start progressing. I’m looking forward to a new beginning. This is a hope for me, and I think I needed one.”

Jacqueline is renting a place in Colorado with another family whose child is also being treated with medical marijuana. We will be following Joshua’s progress.

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