WSVN — We all love inspiring quotes, and they’re a big design trend these days. Our makeover maestro is taking some design inspiration from those motivational quotes in tonight’s Room for Improvement.

Martin Amado: "You don’t have to spend too much money decorating a guest bedroom, but you do want to create a welcoming environment that reflects your overall style. This bedroom — take a look around — is not it."

Martin Amado: "At the moment, we have a hot mess, from a decorating perspective. We’re missing a nightstand. Beautiful headboard, but the bedding looks kinda dated, plain walls. It really needs a more cohesive design, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Let’s begin with the bedding. Adios!"

Martin Amado: "It’s so dusty!"

Martin Amado: "Now, this color scheme I love. I’m still incorporating the beige from the headboard but introducing a cool, steel blue color really helps to update the space."

Martin Amado: "I saved money on the bedding by buying a comforter set. Now, the pillows that come with it are not the greatest. However, I can still give this bed a more luxurious look by incorporating my own down-filled pillows. Love it!"

Martin Amado: "You don’t to spend money buying a matching nightstand on this side of the room. A beautiful accent table will do just fine."

Martin Amado: "These lamps are functional, but they’re not the best in terms of style. Kind of remind me of a dorm. I have something much better."

Martin Amado: "Now we’re talking! I love how the base complements the bedding and it has a more designer look."

Martin Amado: "New bedding, check! New nightstand, check! Now, let’s address the the dated window treatments. The color doesn’t work."

Martin Amado: "I’m using this decorative knob instead of a standard hook to hang the artwork from the beautiful ribbon it comes with."

Martin Amado: "And the final touch to complete this guest bedroom makeover are accessories for the nightstands."

Martin Amado: "Like the artwork reminds us, do small things with great love. And, in this case, small changes made a big difference in the overall look of this bedroom. Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for 7News, and remember, more tips in our Online Extra."

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