WSVN — No Monday blues here, in fact, this will cheer up any woman who dreads the start of the work week.

Once a month entrepreneurs from all over South Florida gather in one spot to show off and sell their best stuff at what they're calling Monday Madness.

Annette Rosales, Coordinator, Monday Madness: "What we are looking for is to do some networking, get our names out there."

The idea to make shopping easier and cheaper for them and us.

Annette Rosales: "Times are changing. A lot of people are looking at it's better to have a store that you can manage out of your bag, or computer, and not have an actual store front, because sometimes you're just paying an employer and no one is walking into that store."

Helen Galindo owns a boutique in Southwest Miami, but she knows not everyone will pass by it or can afford a $100 pair of shoes. So, at Monday Madness she offers a fashionable deal.

Helen Galindo, ABBA Fashion: "No shoe is going to be more than $24.99. We have platforms, flats, pumps, heels."

Georgette Hoyo started out making soy candles in her garage. Now, she's got a celebrity following and hopes her candles will eventually light up households in Miami.

Georgette Hoyo, Soy Delicious: "The candles are 100 percent soy and oil. They last about 80 hours. You can actually use it as a moisturizer as well as on your body."

There are fashion designers and boutiques offering their latest creative work from jewelry to clothes.

Jesenia Guardado, Shopper: "I came over here to 'Mi Amour Boutique' and I was looking at their fabulous dresses and I came upon one that was beautiful an affordable. It's very elegant and sexy at the same time."

When it comes to beauty you can get weight loss solutions, anti-aging products or even buy Loren Ridinger's makeup line 'Motives'.

Annette Rosales: "Fit for any woman on any budget."

And ladies we know you will love this.

Annette Rosales: "For the fall, I love this color, it's a mixture of green and gray."

Nail down a steal on popular and new nail polish brands like OPI and Essie. Monica Hernandez passes on big savings to her customers.

Monica Hernandez: "Two to three dollars more affordable, and when you're buying a couple of colors it's a big savings. If they like a specific shade we can get it for them, we can deliver it for free."

This past month 'madness' was at a hotel near the Miami International Airport, but each month the location changes and so do the vendors.

Annette Rosales: "That's why we call it madness."

Mondays are already mad anyway, this can only make it better.

Belkys Nerey: "Again, Monday Madness is held once a month and it's free to get inside."


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