Monday Follow-Up

WSVN — When we first met Giraldo and Ana, they had been dating for six months.

Ana Garcia: “We hit it off right off the bat.”

It was truly a love story. Giraldo’s kidneys had failed. He needed a transplant to live a normal life. Ana offered one of hers, and was a perfect match.

Ana Garcia: “He will be living because of me. That is something that is overpowering.”

After the surgery Ana wanted to care for Giraldo, but his condo association, believe it or not, does not allow overnight guests for longer than two weeks.

Giraldo Canales: “I’m a grown man, and I’m having to answer, at 53 years of age, who can stay at my own house.”

After Howard determined the association could not stop Ana from staying with Giraldo, they had their kidney surgeries.

Ana Garcia: “So everything went so perfect.”

Ana is doing great, and her healthy kidney has changed Giraldo’s life dramatically.

Giraldo Canales: “I didn’t have a lot of the joint pains I had before. It was amazing, and I’m still seeing changes every day.”

Thank goodness.


Lizzy is singing today, but not with joy. When she called Help Me Howard, wild peacocks were destroying her Cooper City yard, her car, her pool, her life…

Lizzy DeBolt: “And they scream too — aaaaahhh. Sounds like someone is getting killed in the neighborhood.”

Howard told Lizzy the birds weren’t protected, so she could get rid of them. The city offered to take them away if she captured them, or they would trap them if they were in her yard, but the birds … well, peacocks are pretty, and also pretty smart.

Lizzy DeBolt: “I couldn’t get them. I tried to catch them with a net, I tried to throw a blanket over them.”

Lizzy has given up. The peacocks have won. She is now putting her house up for sale. The multi-colored birds have left her singing the blues.


Rhyming with singing, Larry and Janine’s ears are no longer ringing. The phone at their Off the Top barber shop in Pompano Beach was being bombarded with callers from around the world. Turns out someone had stolen the shop’s phone number and was spoofing people.

Larry Aronson: “Some of the people get very, very nasty.”

After our story aired, they started getting death threats from one caller. They recognized his voice. It was a former employee with mental issues. He may have also been the spoofer, because after they told him they knew who he was, the crank calls stopped. Now the only people calling are the people asking to get their $10 haircut.


Accidents have been cut down in Miami after Kelly called wanting a stop sign.

Kelly Edge: “Actual crashes. It really wreaks havoc.”

After we contacted Miami-Dade County, they promised to do a traffic study to see what needed to be done.

Kelly Edge: “I honestly didn’t think I was going to get it. Then I came this morning — ahh — there it was.”

The county kept their word.

Kelly Edge: “Well, we got a stop sign on my direction of the road, and we got nice crosswalks and clear markings for everybody to know how far you need to go.”

The government by the people, for the people, helped the people.


And speaking of people, I forgot one thing about Giraldo and Ana.

Ana Garcia: “It was a good trial. We were six months together in here and we didn’t kill each other.”

Ana gave him her kidney to save his life. Now it looks like they may spend the rest of their lives together.

Giraldo Canales: “I see another month or two of recovery and hopefully go on with our future. We’ve been talking about marriage, and hopefully that will come soon after, as soon as we pass this stage.”

Ana met Giraldo, they started dating, she donated a kidney to him, and now they’re talking about marriage. Talk about things that were just meant to be, and by the way, just because a Help Me Howard airs doesn’t mean we go away. We keep helping after the story airs. It’s what we like to do.

Fowl problems flocking and flying into your life? Transplant it to us. We’ll donate our time to help and never show a sign of stopping.

With this Help Me Howard, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.


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