Mold Relief

A family was getting no answers and no compensation for losses from a mold infested apartment even after they moved out. But that’s when a South Florida company stepped up to deliver some relief. Investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero is back On the Case with the good news.

WSVN — It was a sight for mold weary eyes. New furniture being delivered to its new home. The bedroom of 16-year-old Chanterria and her younger sister Davnel.

Carmel Cafiero: “It’s been tough on you girls, hasn’t it?”

Davnel: “Yeah.”

The miserable few months for the girls and mom, Chanel Charlton, began late last year as mold infested their apartment at Kennedy Homes. An affordable housing complex in Fort Lauderdale.

Chanel Charlton: “Both of my daughters have asthma. They’re asthmatics.”

Chanel had mold throughout her entire apartment. When 7News first reported on her situation it covered her furniture and her belongings.

Carmel Cafiero: “This is no way to live is it?”

Chanel Charlton: “Oh, it’s terrible. The smell it’s terrible.”

The family moved out. Chanel says they spent Christmas in a hotel room, and then stayed with a friend.

They finally found a new apartment in Davie, but Kennedy Homes has still not reimbursed her for her ruined things. Leaving Chanel with almost no furniture and her children sleeping on an air mattress and living out of bags and boxes. Until now.

City Furniture rolled to the rescue with even the president of the company Keith Koenig taking part in the special delivery.

Keith Koenig: “We’ve been blessed. Our community has been great to us, has supported us, and our company values and our culture is to try to help support those who we can.”

In a matter of minutes, the girls’ room was filled with two nightstands, lamps, a dresser and beds complete with comforters.

Chanterria: “I love it. I love it. I’m really grateful for everything. I’m glad that I was able to thank the president of City Furniture, so I appreciate it so much, thank you.”

Davnel: “It’s incredible. I think that I was really blessed to get this bed and everything that I got today.”

City Furniture is doing its part to help a community that has made the company such a success.

Iris Wilder: “We get requests on a constant basis and we wish we could help everybody, but we just can’t, obviously. But those that we can, it puts a smile on my face every day.’

And she’s not the only one smiling, so is Chanel.

Chanel Charlton: “This is a great step, heading back to normal. I’m not there yet, but I’m heading there. Like I said, I’m very grateful.”

Carmel Cafiero: “And it isn’t just big business stepping up to fill the void left by those responsible for the family’s situation. Individuals from Fort Lauderdale to Plantation have also offered to help Chanel.”

Woman viewer: “I’m calling to get information on the young lady who needs help with furniture.”

Man viewer: “I’m willing to help her out to get some furniture.”

We connected Chanel with a few generous South Floridians who have offered more furniture. She hopes that soon there will be a place for her family to eat and watch television, but at least the family can sleep well tonight.

Iris Wilder: “Girls, I hope you have a wonderful night sleep tonight on your new mattress.”


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