(WSVN) - Police say a South Florida model was combative and injured an officer but she says they’re twisting the story. Now she’s hoping someone comes forward with video so she can clear her name. The Nightteam’s Brian Entin investigates.

Caroline Schwitzky is a Miami model and actress. She has been in Pitbull music videos and even had a small part in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,” but everything changed for her back on February 15.

Caroline Schwitzky, arrested for resisting an officer: “Brian, it is a complete embarrassment. Everyone is questioning, ‘What did Caroline do? Is she really a felon? Did she assault the officers?'”

Schwitzky is facing a felony charge of resisting an officer with violence after Miami-Dade Police said she hurt an officer after a traffic stop.

Brian Entin: “The police report says you kicked the officer and battered the officer to avoid being arrested. Is that true?”

Caroline Schwitzky: “Brian, that is completely absurd. I did not kick any officer.”

Schwitzky said she had just gotten off work at the Miami International Boat Show and drove across a bike lane when the officer directing traffic stopped her.

Caroline Schwitzky: “He basically jumped in front of my car. That’s how slow I was going. He proceeded to ask me, ‘Where the F are you going?’ and I said I needed to drive into the UM building. I was pointing, ‘I need to go in here’ and he said, ‘You’re not going anywhere.'”

Schwitzky admits she got frustrated waiting for the officer to write her a ticket and got out of her car.

The Miami-Dade Police report says Schwitzky was “ordered to get back in the vehicle” but “would not comply” and “would not stop resisting” even “kicking” the officer.

Pictures obtained by 7News show scrapes on the officer’s elbow and knee.

Caroline Schwitzky: “They threw me on top. At that point, they are getting my arms and I’m screaming, ‘Help, help!’ They had me in handcuffs and they drag me across the street to the police car… dragged me.”

She had bruises and scrapes on her body and spent the night in jail.

Schwitzky said dozens of people had their cameras out recording the arrest.

Caroline Schwitzky: “I need a witness. I need footage. I need just someone to come forward and say, ‘Hey I was there. I saw what happened to you and I’m going to help you in this,’ because literally it’s my word against the police officer’s.”

Schwitzky said prosecutors have offered her a plea deal. They will clear her of the charge if she agrees to an anger management course. She says she won’t take the deal and insists that if someone comes forward with video, it will prove that it’s the police officer who needs the anger management.

Craig Freiberg, Attorney: “She wouldn’t be asking for this video if this video was going to show something that showed her being aggressive.”

Caroline Schwitzky: “I have a bunch of friends and people advising me to ‘Just take the plea, take the plea. You have three kids. Think of your kids,’ and I understand that, but at the same time it’s hard for me to swallow the fact that I have to take a plea to something I didn’t do.”

Miami-Dade Police told 7News if Schwitzky disagrees with the charge she can dispute it in court, which is what she plans on doing.

Miami-Dade officers normally wear body cameras but because they were working off duty at the boat show, they were not required to use their cameras.

If you think you witnessed the arrest or have video of it, Schwitzky asks that you email it to freecarolinenow@gmail.com.


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