WSVN — This will be the very first doctor's visit for Andrea Zaldivar. The 14 year old's family has no medical insurance and can't afford regular check-ups.

Andrea Zaldivar: "She doesn't have insurance. I think they took it away."

But instead of going to a doctor's office, they're coming to this pediatric mobile clinic run by the University of Miami.

Dr. Lisa Gwynn: "We provide comprehensive mobile services to children in need, children who usually don't have medical insurance all free of charge."

The mobile clinic travels to underserved communities across Miami-Dade County. On this day they are parked at a church in Hialeah.

Dr. Lisa Gwynn: "We have patients who have never been to a doctor, never been to a dentist, had their eyes checked, their hearing checked."

This young girl was visiting from Argentina her mom brought her to the mobile clinic because her stomach hurt. Turned out, her gallbladder needed to be removed so they sent her to the ER..

Dr. Lisa Gwynn: "So she comes back two weeks later for a follow up visit because the mother can't afford to go to the surgeon's office for a follow up."

Kids can also get the vaccinations they need before entering school.

Elizabeth Yim: "In a community where they don't have access to vaccines they're more likely to get those diseases."

Andrea's mom brought her daughter here because she just wasn't feeling right.

"Because I've been getting headaches, dizziness, maybe it's my eye vision."

The doctor recommended glasses and wrote her a prescription. She says her first experience with a doctor has been a positive one.

"It's been good, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be."

Dr. Gwynn says without this service many of these kids would simply fall through the cracks.

Dr. Lisa Gwynn: "There is a desperate need in our community to take care of children, to provide them with the medical services they need."

Diana Diaz: "Parents are encouraged to make an appointment but doctors stress no one is ever turned away."

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Pediatric Mobile Clinic: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Tel: (305) 243-6407

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