This is your moment lady heat fans. You can show your passion for the heat — in white hot heat gear — by Miss Fanatic.

TIFFANY PEARL: "The Miss Fanatic line is all about fashion incorporated with sports. You're able to go ahead ake your favorite team and show your team spirit in style."

And these heat fashions fit your curves.

TIFFANY PEARL: "The days of the over sized jerseys are over. There's so much more to offer female sports fans."

Check out the cool shades and score three points for this flirty little number.

TIFFANY PEARL: "This is a great piece because you could wear it three different ways, switch it up every time you wear it. It has hidden pockets – you're going to the game you've got your credit card, you've got your phone and you know you don't need to be lugging a whole bag and everything."

Just like it's matching bikini – wear it up… Off the shoulder, or down — to skip the tan lines.

TIFFANY PEARL: "We also have some great leggings that are really comfortable, they can be dressed up and dressed down. And then hey, you want you know go out to the beach and also sport your team spirit, you can grab one of our bikinis."

Flash your team spirit for all to see or hide it in the mix and match of team colors.

TIFFANY PEARL: "If you're a heat fan and a true heat fan – you should know that your colors are not red and white. It's garnet and white."

And who'd ever think to find it in the fringe.

TIFFANY PEARL: "It's a mix and match collection so you could really make it your own – show your personal style."

Whether you're bold like the Bird Man or rockin' it loud and proud across your backside. Your love for the heat will shine through.

You can find Miss Fanatic – not the girl – the fashion line inside the AAA store.



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