WSVN — These days, women aren't just going to the salon for a simple mani and pedi, they're getting Minx'd.

Christene Milardo: "It's accessories for the nail. That's what we like to call it."

Minx Nail coverings are the latest celebrity trend and have been spotted on the hands of Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Christene Milardo: "They favor silver metallic, which is very popular."

Minx is not a nail polish, it's an application, sort of like a sticker that you put over the nail. You can pretty much have any design imaginable.

Christene Milardo: "They come in an array of a hundred different patterns from shiny metallics to animal prints."

Barbara Beckler: "I have on the gold lightning cheetah. If you're dressed up, it looks beautiful, or if you just have on fun clothes, it looks fun because of the design."

Here how it works: The Minx application is warmed up under a heat lamp and then put over your nail. It takes about 30 minutes to apply. Best part for the diva on the run, there's no drying time, and the pedicures can last weeks.

Barbara Beckler: "I've worn them as long as five weeks, and there was no lifting, no peeling. No nothing."

To get the applications off it's simple.

Christene Milardo: "Just heat it up with a blow dryer or a hot towel, and just peel it off it's like a sticker."

Glamour girls can coordinate their fingernails to their outfit for the night.

Laurie Carr: "I went with a hot pink leopard on my pinkie, and I went with silver base on the rest of my nails. I am going out tonight, and I'm going to wear this dress, so I wanted the hot pink on my pinkie nails to match it."

These cheerleaders even got Minx'd to really show off their team spirit.

Lauren Fichter: "Our team Elite has a lot of zebra things like the bow, so we figure zebra nails would be really cool."

Melissa English: "They're really cool. I like them a lot."

And, coming soon, you'll be able to customize your nails.

Liza Barker: "You can actually send a picture out to the company in LA, and they will send you back the 10 fingers with that picture on there, children, boyfriend, company, label whatever you like."

Or maybe a pic of your favorite news station or anchor? Hands down, Minx nails are the hottest new trend in beauty.

Right now Minx Nail art is available at Living Waters Day Spa.


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