WSVN — Midtown Miami' isn't just for grabbing the basics at Target anymore, it's becoming a hip place to stay and play.

Alex: "It's exciting, it's fresh, it's urban, it's real it's who we are 'Midtown Miami'."

A new dining and cultural scene is now emerging among all these condos and retailers. One of the newest places to play is Sugarcane. An open-air restaurant with wicker fans blowing and a great outdoor patio. It's a tapas-style joint with three distinct kitchens. A raw bar.

Timon Baloo: "We have everything from oysters to crab legs to chilled lobster. We have crudo plates from hamachi, to compachi, to salmon, to fluke."

A hot kitchen for small plates.

Timon Baloo: "We're doing everything from bacon wrapped dates with a little endive salad to mini pork buns and mini sliders. We try to keep everything very simple two to three ingredients."

And a unique robata bar a japanese grill where chefs sear meat and veggies over charcoal.

Lynn Washington: "We loved the three grills. We loved the open air, we loved being able to sit inside and still be outside."

If you just want to chill with a drink you can't miss their massive rum bar.

Timon Baloo: "We offer a selection of 50 rums, 50 beers. The rums can be served traditional, or as a pitcher, so we can have family style fun exciting experience."

Just a few blocks down get a taste of European charm at 'Cheese Course'.

Robyn Fisher: "The cheese is awesome. Oh my God, I've never seen so much cheese in my whole life."

This bistro and market carries more than 150 specialty cheeses from all over the world, and they even set out a swanky spread where you can taste for free.

Stacie Lang: "We have people who will taste anything you like from a blue cheese to a hard cheese, and introduce you to all types of flavors in a non intimidating environment."

You can grab sandwiches … Or cupcakes for your sweet tooth and just cozy up at one of their tables … With a glass of wine.

Natalie Duran: "I like how the whole, everyone can sit down at the same table, and you can talk with different people or you can move to your own nook in the corner and just talk with your friends."

More coffee shops and high-end restaurants are opening soon, and Midtown is also working on creating their own version of Central Park.

Alex: "Eventually it will be an entertainment block at least for the next three, five years. It's going to be a beautiful park, for all the neighbors to enjoy."

Robyn: "'You know what I love about it? They planted a lot of trees and so it kind of feels like it's growing into itself."

We think it's already grown into a happening hangout.


Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill @ Midtown Miami 3250 NE First Ave Miami, FL 33137 786-369-0353

Cheese Course @ Midtown Miami3451 Northeast 1st Avenue Miami, FL 33137(786) 220-6681.

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