WSVN — If your kid loves video games or is computer savvy this is the place for them. In today’s Parent to Parent 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us a summer camp where kids can put their computer skills to the test.

OK, what kid these days doesn’t love playing video games? Well these kids are not just playing video games, they’re creating their own.

Louisa Moran: “You’re able to create it, you choose how you want it to look.”

It’s called the youth spark summer camp at the new Microsoft store at Aventura Mall.

Microsoft Product Advisor Greg Yee, Jr.: “You teach them how to use the computers, how to use Wndows 8, use Xbox.”

And that’s just the beginning.

Greg Yee, Jr.: “Game designing, photo taking.”

Each camper gets a touchscreen laptop and an instruction book, then it’s time to put that imagination into overdrive.

Lilliana Moran: “Right now I’m creating my own world and I’m actually making it snowy.”

Eleven-year old Lily is making up her own video game, with her choice of characters.

Lilliana Moran: “I’m trying to make a wizard with goblins and they have to find a treasure. But they have to go through all these levels and fight these mystical creatures.”

No idea, no matter how crazy it sounds, is turned away. It’s all about using your imagination.

Greg Yee, Jr.: “And the best part is you can share it, edit it, destroy it, make it.”

Kelly Cooke: “I’m building my own world…”

Ten-year-old Kelly is proving to her brother that girls can also rule the technological world.

Kelly Cooke: “He would keep trying to teach me how to play the games and I didn’t listen, because it was too confusing and I come here and it’s like easy to do now.”

Kids ages five to 13 are welcome. In addition to game designing, they also learn coding and how to create their own apps.

Greg Yee, Jr.: “They learn how to code actual apps to work on any devices; they actually publish it on line, so everyone can use it.”

So, if your child can dream it, they can create it and later play it at home on their Xbox!

Greg Yee, Jr.: “You make the rules, you make your life, you make your universe, that’s what it’s all about.”

Even better news, parents, the week long camp is free!


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